COMBO8: Biplob Storybook 8 + Colouring book 6 & 7

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Biplob, the eco – warrior superhero brings 64 highly engaging and educative activity sheets, that not only help in the child’s intellectual development, but also introduce scientific concepts in a format that is easy to understand and remember! In this, the first volume of biplob the bumblebee activity & learning sheets, you get worksheets that cover: simple environmental Science and renewable concepts Arithmetic and numerical Ability English Language skills puzzles that enhance vocabulary and cognitive ability The worksheets all relate to the biplob the bumblebee storybooks, leading to loads of fun and engagement as children work on solving them.

For age 3 to 9

1 Biplob storybook + 2 Colouring books

3 stories

Over 60 pages of stories + 50 pages colouring pages

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