COMBO66: Biplob the Bumblebee Early Learner Book 1 to 5 + Biplob Premium Flashcards 1 to 4

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Specially created for 2 to 5 year old children, this pack contains:

Biplob early Learner books 1 to 5

Each book introduces children to key life – skills and the importance of things like brushing one’s teeth, maintaining good personal hygiene, perils of watching too much TV etc. The BEST part – all this is done through exciting stories and fun activities featuring Biplob and his friends!

After all, a lesson learnt through stories is a lesson learnt for life.

Biplob premium Flashcards

This set of 4 boxes, each containing 26 + 1 PREMIUM flashcards are a great companion to introduce young kids to the fascinating world of ANIMALS, BIRDS, FRUITS & VEGETABLES!

The best part - when they've mastered the alphabets and name, simply turn around the card and read all about where the animal / bird is found and it's food habits. For fruits & vegetables, the reverse of the card has information on its nutritional value, favourite recipe and where its grown! Each character is carefully hand - illustrated with loads of love, to make learning a fun exercise for your little ones!! 

For Age: 2 to 7 Years

Quantity: 4 premium flashcard Sets x 26 Cards (Size: 4" x 4.5")

+ 5 Illustrated Storybooks of 16 + 4 pages each (Size: 8" x 9")

Flashcards Varnished for durability

Units: 4 Boxes

Imagined and Made in India

Caution: Harmful if ingested or put in mouth

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