COMBO21: Biplob Storybook 1 to 8 + Detective Col. Zoro Book 1 to 3

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Welcome to the world of Biplob the Bumblebee, the first - ever Ecowarrior Superhero AND Col. Zoro, the detective who sniffs out the truth no matter how deep it's hidden! In this collection of the first 8 volumes of Biplob stories, children go through a rollicking adventure of fun and excitement. The best part is that while they enjoy the stories, they're also learning about concepts around nature, the environment and how we can fight the evils of climate change! If books are a person's best friend, then this set of Biplob's story books are the best gift a child can get! As they grow, they enter the world of Col. Zoro and learn about India's history, heritage and culture through thrilling mystery stories! For Age: 3 to 12 Years

Illustrated Storybooks

8 Biplob Storybooks + 3 Col. Zoro Novellas

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