The best in Ooty - Places to stay & things to do

The best in Ooty - Places to stay & things to do

Which is the Best place to stay in Ooty?

Heritage, nature, service and quality amenities all come together in an outstanding package at the Kings Cliff in Ooty. It is away from the hustle - bustle of the main market, yet within striking distance of all the 'must do' things of Ooty.

We were still buzzing the next morning with the excitement of the having seen the elephants and tiger the previous evening. After a quick breakfast and goodbyes to the Jungle hut staff, we all loaded up in the Pajero and headed on towards Ooty. We were now 5 adults and 3 children between 6 to 8 years. Though tight, it was a manageable fit. We loaded all the heavy bags on the carrier and using one of the jump seats it was a cozy, albeit comfortable fit.

Masinagudi to Ooty by road


Continuing on the Mysore - Ooty road, in a couple of kilometres we started climbing up the Nilgiris. Unlike the last time we'd done this route in the Skoda Yeti, this time around the weather was crystal clear. Cold, but clear and it was easy going. The Pajero Sport chewed up the miles comfortably with it's powerful 2.5 liter mill. The only downside was what with the load and steep climbs, we were averaging about 5Kms to the litre. That's a nearly 50% fall from the average the car had otherwise given so far! The Pajero isn't as refined as the Yeti, but for it's sheer bulk she handles quite well. And once you get over the Indian hangup of low mileage (which I still haven't quite managed to do!), it is quite an enjoyable drive.

Kings Cliff Ooty


Having left at around 1100Hrs, we reached our destination, the Kings Cliff, Ooty by 1230Hrs or so. The Kings Cliff was as beautiful as we remember it being. We quickly off - loaded our stuff and sprawled next to a little cabin serving coffees and shakes on the lawn.

Kings Cliff is easily one of the best place to stay in Ooty
Group - fie with the Kings Cliff in the BG
Kings Cliff has this lovely outdoor 'coffee kiosk' - their cold coffee is easily the best in Ooty
Little cabin in the lawn serving shakes n cafes


After lazing for an hour or so we headed back to Annapurna restaurant in Ooty town for lunch. The place wasn't half as good as it was the last time we were here (in 2012). Sometimes you have embellished memories of a place are and reality is far away from it. However, in this case I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case. Ritika too was disappointed with the overall experience. The food wasn't all that great. Service was sub - par and the restaurant in particular + Ooty in general was way too crowded.

I guess the last point is a reflection of the growing population and their aspirations to travel. That is a great sign. The crowds notwithstanding, I wish more of us venture out to explore, discover and reconnect with the spell - binding country that we're blessed to have been born in! You can check out my blog on our last trip to Ooty for more on how things have changed.

We spent the afternoon exploring the Botanical gardens, before heading back to the Kings Cliff for a gourmet meal.

The Earls Secret at Kings Cliff


The Kings Cliff has the most quaint restaurant called the Earl's Secret which serves the most awesome continental food. Beef was of course off the menu (tragic) or it was unavailable that evening. Regretfully, we made do with lamb. The Earls Secret and her chef had thankfully not lost their edge, and if anything, the food tasted way better than our memories of the last meal here nearly 5 years back.

We had the Earls Roast Lamb and the Chicken Fillet Supreme, preceded by a Double Decker mushroom and finished with the Lasagna Al Furno. Without exception, the food was outstanding. The lamb was marginally underdone for Indian palates. It was just perfect. They'd finished the lamb with a brown glazed roast gravy having hints of the stock and a slightly burnt, though very pleasant, undertones to it. The chicken comes with a roast garlic sauce, which in itself is a very interesting preparation. Of course, you get the 'biting' garlic flavour, but it gets tempered with the 'burnt' treatment, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. It's not unlike the butter garlic sauce that Malvani and Konkani restaurants are famous for serving in Mumbai (Bharat, Mahesh Lunch Home, Gajalee et al).

We topped it all off with the caramel custard and creme brûlée. I find the brûlée generally too creamy for my liking and gave it a pass. Didn't want to upset the quiet satisfaction that my system was revelling under after the great main course. For the rest, they were raving about the brûlée. The humble caramel custard is something that takes a fair bit of skill and steady hand to get right. It is one of those dishes that can be had even if not done to perfection. Like say a Fried egg, either easy over or sunny side up. But when you get it absolutely right, it is simply heavenly.

The Earls Secret managed to get it JUST right that night! The chef had caramelised the sugar to a perfect translucent brown. The consistency of the custard was firm, as 'custardy' as it gets! Each bite of the custard transported one to heavenly bliss, and was a perfect end to the meal.

Earls Roast Lamb at Kings Cliff makes the Earls Secret the best restaurant in ooty
Earls Roast Lamb with a side serving of herb rice
If you crave continental food, the Earls secret at Kings cliff is the best in OOTY
'Supremely' good Chicken!


We headed to our rooms post this most satisfying meal. At a nominal fee, the staff had lit the fireplace in our rooms. What with the Christmas stockings hanging over the fireplace, the place looked cheery and welcoming! We quickly snuggled in against the cold for a good nights sleep. A word of caution though. If you leave the fire running through the night, ensure the room is well - ventilated. We'd opened a window to ventilate the room and were fine. Debarjyo had locked all the windows and it had gotten quite claustrophobic. He had to call the hotel staff at 0200HRS to come and put out the fire!

After breakfast the next morning we reloaded self and luggage into & onto the Pajero and drove on towards Coonoor.

Warm fireplace to come home to in kings cliff ooty
This blazing fire greeted us when we returned to out rooms at the Kings Cliff post dinner


Oland Tea Plantation Coonoor


Our next stop was the Oland Tea Plantation, about 20 clicks beyond Coonoor town. The drive through the Nilgiris was one of the best we've undertaken. Though cold, certainly colder than the last time we were here, the skies were a clear blue, enhancing the breath - taking greenery of the tea plantations that abound here. The roads gently twisted and wound around the mountains, ascending and descending as the terrain changed. This 2 hour drive alone made the entire trek from Mumbai worth the effort!

Now, as per Google maps the Oland plantation is around 30 minutes from Coonoor. The ground reality is far from that. A few kms outside Coonoor, the terrain suddenly gets more rugged. The roads are virtually non - existent and you literally are driving through the wilderness peppered with scant tea plantations. After 18 Kms or so we can across a desolate police checkpost. The cops actually stopped to check our papers and enquired where and why we were heading, before letting us go. I did try to ask them the reason for the third degree. Unfortunately, in part due to the language barrier and partly due to their unwillingness to explain, we got no answer. From hereon the plantation bungalow is about 3 - 4 Kms. However, whatever semblance of road there was, disappeared too.

We gamely drove on what was now a rutted track, with declines of 30 to40 degrees, till we got to the Oland Plantation. As I killed the engine, the first thing we heard was the sound of a waterfall. The plantation consists of a main bungalow that houses the restaurant and kitchen, and 3 - 4 smaller cottages dotting the sides of the mountain. One of these was adjacent to a waterfall that gushed down the mountain. It was a rivulet actually, that fell off the side of a cliff on her way down to the plains.

The property though very basic, was totally cut off from civilisation and nestled in a beautiful valley. Our cottage was a 2 storied affair on the lower part of the property. As mentioned, the rooms here are pretty basic. They run the place like a rudimentary homestay more than anything else. While they advertised 'price inclusive of all buffet meals', what they meant was that someone would cook what you wanted and serve it. Which was fine, except 'someone' was at best a camp cook, so chicken meant one preparation and he had only toor dal in the stores. Thankfully there were eggs aplenty. After a meal of chicken and rice, which wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be, we set out to explore the valley.

Team picture at Oland plantation coonoor
Waiting for lunch to be fixed. Did I mention the ubiquitous MR. QB joined us for a day?


We took a path adjacent to our cottage leading to the waterfall. There was another cottage adjacent to the waterfall, which looked very pretty. However, given it's proximity to the falling water I guess it'd be fairly noisy at night. After walking for about an hour or so, it started getting dark. The ladies suggested we head back. Debarjyo and I decided to take a circuitous path to return. This turned out to be a not so bright decision.

We'd headed out westwards towards the waterfall. From here we continued on the same path as it curved up and northwards for a couple of kilometres. At this point the path turned on itself and continued upwards in an easterly direction. Logically, this meant if we followed the path we would end up somewhere exactly above the resort. In theory it sounded right and practically too it made sense.

The only issue was that by then it had gotten quite dark. Try as we did, there was nothing visible in any direction. Not even the glimmer of a lone light. Effectively we were lost in the middle of nowhere with 3 kids! The cell phone network too was conspicuous by its absence. Left with n choice, we continued on gamely, making it an adventurous game for the children.

Being heavily wooded and with the overhang of the mountain, we couldn't make out the lights of the resort either. By now we'd been walking for nearly 90 minutes. With the day - long drive the children too were a little tired. This extended adventure in the dark had them a tad scared too.

After walking in what we thought is the right direction, we could finally see some lights. These twinkled about 100 meters below us. Rather than continuing along the road and hoping to get a turnoff, I decided we'd cut across the tea plantation and head straight for the lights. Once we got in, we realised that the bushes were actually packed quite closely together. Using the phone flashlights, we managed to continue down the plantation in single file.

Suddenly I saw a dark shape looming in front of me. A closer look revealed there was a whole herd of bison in the midst of the plantation! They just stood stock-still as we passed by them. The nearest animal was barely a meter away from us. Up this close I realised that the animals are HUGE. Their shoulders easily came up to my head - and I am a decent 5'.10". Nevertheless, we reached the end of the side of that mountain without incident.

The mountainside abruptly ended with a sheer fall of around 12' into the resort lawn. I quickly slithered down the slope without injuring myself. A feet feet further ahead I found a lesser height of around 4 feet. This seemed navigable and everyone managed to jump down from this spot. In hindsight we were lucky to have gotten away without anyone coming to harm. Stupid thing to have done.

Jungle trek in Oland plantation coonoor
Intrepid travellers cheerily trekking through the plantation, clueless of what's to come


Debarjyo and Pooja left for Nagarhole the next morning. With the whole day before us, we explored the valley further. The daytime light had transformed the jungle into a beautiful cocoon of serenity. A 3 km trek from our cottage took us to a small pond. Clearly, this was a watering hole for the local wildlife. We spent a blissful 45 minutes here, doing nothing.

Beautiful meadow to just relax near the oland plantation coonoor
Much needed break en route to the watering hole


We spent the next 2 days trekking around the surrounding forests (all during daytime though!). Each day we'd trek for over 12Kms, chill at the property, eat and sleep. The place is at an outstanding location, simply breath - taking. If the owners invested a little time and effort in upgrading the infrastructure and services, this is actually an amazing spot to be holidaying in. Especially if you love the forests & mountains like you do, few places come close to Oland Plantation. However if you like to come home to some creature comforts every evening, you may want to give this place a pass! Compared to the Jungle Hut in Masinagudi, the Oland plantation leaves a lot to desire.

Finally, our trip had come to an end. On the 4th day we headed back towards Mysore. Retracing our tracks, we headed to Ooty via Coonoor. From there we took the Ooty - Mysore road, which brought us to Mysore in about 7 hours. Mysore onwards was a simple enough trek via Belgaum, Kolhapur and Pune to head to Mumbai. 12 days well spent in the lap of nature, rejuvenated to face whatever life had to throw until the next time!

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Итак, промокод от компании 1xbet дает вам возможность получить бонус при регистрации на сайте. Просто введите этот уникальный код при создании своего аккаунта, и вам будет начислен бонусный баланс, который вы можете использовать для различных видов ставок и игр.
Промокоды 1ХБЕТ На что вы можете потратить свой бонусный баланс? Возможностей здесь предостаточно. Вы можете делать ставки на спортивные события – футбол, теннис, хоккей, баскетбол и многое другое. Независимо от того, являетесь ли вы фанатом больших лиг или предпочитаете теннисные матчи мирового уровня, 1xbet предлагает обширный выбор категорий и событий, на которые можно сделать ставку.
Если вы больше склонны к игровым автоматам и карточным играм, то также найдете множество вариантов на сайте 1xbet. Яркие слоты, популярные игры, лотереи и многое другое – все это доступно вам с помощью бонусного баланса, который вы получите с промокодом.
Что еще привлекательно в использовании промокода? Это великолепная возможность испытать свою удачу, не тратя при этом деньги из своего собственного кошелька. Бонусный баланс предоставляет вам льготу играть на деньги конторы без риска потери личных средств. Это прекрасный способ познакомиться с азартным миром и понять, на какие игры и виды ставок вы хотите делать наибольший акцент.
Помимо этого, компания 1xbet предлагает регулярные акции и бонусы для своих постоянных игроков, что делает её еще более привлекательной для всех поклонников азартных игр.
Не упустите возможность получить уникальный промокод от 1xbet и начать свой путь в мир азартных игр с удвоенными шансами на успех! Зарегистрируйтесь прямо сейчас, используя промокод, и откройте для себя увлекательный и захватывающий мир ставок и игр на сайте 1xbet. Вам понравится!



Лендинг-пейдж — это одностраничный сайт, предназначенный для рекламы и продажи товаров или услуг, а также для сбора контактных данных потенциальных клиентов. Вот несколько причин, почему лендинг-пейдж важен для бизнеса:
Увеличение узнаваемости компании. Лендинг-пейдж позволяет представить компанию и её продукты или услуги в выгодном свете, что способствует росту узнаваемости бренда.
Повышение продаж. Заказать лендинг можно здесь – Одностраничные сайты позволяют сосредоточиться на конкретных предложениях и акциях, что повышает вероятность совершения покупки.
Оптимизация SEO-показателей. Лендинг-пейдж создаются с учётом ключевых слов и фраз, что улучшает позиции сайта в результатах поиска и привлекает больше целевых посетителей.
Привлечение новой аудитории. Одностраничные сайты могут использоваться для продвижения новых продуктов или услуг, а также для привлечения внимания к определённым кампаниям или акциям.
Расширение клиентской базы. Лендинг-пейдж собирают контактные данные потенциальных клиентов, что позволяет компании поддерживать связь с ними и предлагать дополнительные услуги или товары.
Простота генерации лидов. Лендинг-пейдж предоставляют краткую и понятную информацию о продуктах или услугах, что облегчает процесс принятия решения для потенциальных клиентов.
Сбор персональных данных. Лендинг-пейдж позволяют собирать информацию о потенциальных клиентах, такую как email-адрес, имя и контактные данные, что помогает компании лучше понимать свою аудиторию и предоставлять более персонализированные услуги.
Улучшение поискового трафика. Лендинг-пейдж создаются с учётом определённых поисковых запросов, что позволяет привлекать больше целевых посетителей на сайт.
Эффективное продвижение новой продукции. Лендинг-пейдж можно использовать для продвижения новых товаров или услуг, что позволяет привлечь внимание потенциальных клиентов и стимулировать их к покупке.
Лёгкий процесс принятия решений. Лендинг-пейдж содержат только самую необходимую информацию, что упрощает процесс принятия решения для потенциальных клиентов.
В целом, лендинг-пейдж являются мощным инструментом для продвижения бизнеса, увеличения продаж и привлечения новых клиентов.

заказать лендинг пейдж

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