Hotel Review: Balrampur House, Nainital

Hotel Review: Balrampur House, Nainital

There's something about living in a restored Palace or Haveli like Balrampur House, Nainital,which a modern hotel simply cannot match! Leaky faucets, antiquated light switches, doors that don't close perfectly well all add to the charm of such places. Whenever I'm planning our trips, I always look out for heritage properties. The older the better! The Balrampur House, Nainital is one such place. It scores high on every parameter. For sheer value - for - money, no other place can come close.

The Grounds

The Balrampur House, Nainital is nestled in about 4 acres of land. This is practically miraculous, given it's proximity to the Naini Lake. You enter the grounds and are greeted with an 'L' shaped parking lot. This can at least house 50 odd cars. Beyond this are the sprawling lawns. Thankfully, the lawn is bereft of any ornamentation. Effectively, it serves as a lush green grass - carpeted playground for kids. The palace is built in the lee of a mountain and that forms a perfect backdrop to it.

Balrampur House, Nainital Grounds
The Hotel has beautiful sprawling lawns out front & a towering mountain against which it is constructed


Given the congestion that is Nainital, the grounds are a welcome relief. Besides, they lend a sense of gravitas to the palace too. Mind, the term 'palace' is a bit of an exaggeration. All said, the place is more of an over - grown haveli. So, the grounds add to the veneer of luxury and space. And let's face it. The reason you go to the mountains is enjoy nature. Balrampur House, Nainital kind of ticks all the boxes here. It is within walking distance of the main market and yet an oasis of peace and seclusion.


All rooms in the Balrampur House, Nainital are pretty spacious. I don't know what the management claims the room size to be but they were certainly upwards of 400 Sq.Ft. To this, add the bathrooms which are another 100 Sq.Ft and you are looking at pretty huge rooms.

Like most heritage properties, the rooms feature ceilings at a height of 14' or thereabouts. Massive 4 - poster beds form the centrepiece of each abode. Thankfully, they're all equipped with electric blankets and warm quilts. Antique wardrobes, chests and other knick - knacks take care of all the storage space you may require.

Room interior Balrampur House
Spacious rooms, ample storage & comfortable beds - what more can one ask for, other than a great view?!


As for the bathrooms, they were a revelation! Each unit is fitted with modern plumbing, tiling and amenities. After struggling to get sufficient hot bathing water in the mountains, it was gratifying to see the huge storage water heaters in the bathrooms! In addition, the helpful staff told us the plumbing is connected to the main boiler of the hotel. In the unlikely event you run out of hot water, they simply divert some from the boiler!

Food & Service

The food at the Balrampur House, Nainital is above average. We'd taken a MAP package (Breakfast and Dinner) and had no cause for complaint. The food wasn't too rich or spicy. Everything was cooked just right. They may not win any culinary awards, but neither would they have guests throwing up in the grounds. All in all, perfectly satisfactory food arrangements.

Throw in the courteous service, and the Balrampur House, Nainital is a winner. Without being obsequious, the staff is attentive and service - oriented. People are happy to help with a smile. Being in the mountains, the Balrampur House, Nainital is a stickler for meal timings. Having said this, the staff was accommodating enough without creating much of a fuss. Eminently satisfactory!

Overall Verdict

We'd stayed at the Chevron Fairhavens the previous time we were in Nainital. In balance, I would rate the Balrampur House, Nainital a notch higher. The primary reason for this is the layout of the property. Then of course, there are the sprawling grounds that it features.

Balrampur House Nainital is a peaceful getaway within easy reach of the hustle bustle of the mountain town
Balrampur House Nainital is a peaceful getaway within easy reach of the hustle bustle of the mountain town


If you're looking for a place to stay at in Nainital, you can't go wrong with this. Absolutely brilliant value for money. Well - appointed rooms with decent service. Food that is eminently palatable, almost homely. Best of all, the Balrampur House, Nainital is secluded and quiet enough to give you the best of both worlds - proximity to the buzzing Nainital market coupled with peace & quiet!

Our verdict - 4.5 / 5!

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